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Roslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel, or the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew as it was to have been, was founded in 1446 by Sir William St Clair, third and last St Clair Prince of Orkney. It is in fact only part of the choir of what was intended to be a larger cruciform building with a tower at its centre.

More than thirty-seven collegiate churches were built in Scotland between the reigns of James I and James IV (1406-1513). They were secular foundations intended to spread intellectual and spiritual knowledge, and the extravagance of their construction depended on the wealth of their founder.

After Sir William died in 1484, he was buried in the unfinished Chapel and the larger building he had planned was never completed. But the foundations of the nave are said to have been excavated in the nineteenth century and found to extend ninety-one feet beyond the Chapel's original west door, under the existing baptistry and churchyard.

Oak Island

There's a sudden revival of interest in the Oak Island mystery and new theories about the fabled money pit that has baffled treasure hunters for more than two centuries. Two new books explore the latest speculation and one is a shocker. It suggests Oak Island might hold the lost treasure of the Knights Templar, a trove touted as so fabulous it could contain the Holy Grail.


National Treasure

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Since childhood, Benjamin Franklin Gates has known that he is descended from a long line of people whose job is to guard a treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers, who hid clues to its whereabouts in the country's currency and on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Now, he has learned of a plot to steal the Declaration, and has only one option: steal it himself. Even if he pulls off this monumental task, keeping the treasure safe is still going to be incredibly hard, especially since the FBI has also gotten wind of the scheme.


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The Torah, The New Testament, The Koran

The Torah

The New Testament

The Koran

Declaration of Arbroath (Scotland) and Declaration of Independence (America)

Declaration of Arbroath

Influence of Declaration of Arbroath on American Declaration of Independence

American Declaration of Independence (Masonic Influence)

American Declaration of Independence (Complete)

Exhibit Traces Influence of Freemasonry

Associated Press Writer
May 2005

WASHINGTON - Some of the most famous buildings in Washington, including the White House, are deeply marked by Freemasonry, the brotherhood that goes back to the cathedral builders of the Middle Ages, says a new exhibit.

The show is called "The Initiated Eye: Secrets, Symbols, Freemasonry and the Architecture of Washington D.C." [See complete article]

The Founding Documents of the United States of America

The Founding Documents

• Magna Carta
• Mayflower Compact
• Virginia Declaration of Rights
• Declaration of Independence
• Articles of Confederation
• Federalist Papers
• Constitution
• Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments)
• Reconstruction Amendments

American Charters of Freedom at the National Archives


• The Making of the Charters
• Declaration of Independence
• Constitution of the United States
• Bill of Rights

• The Impact of the Charters