The Original Feast of the Earls of Dalhousie
March 13, 2002

Wor. Phil Turland welcomes the over 165 guests

Bro. Senior Steward Larry Bethune
announces the evening's program


Bro. Jerry Manfra and Bro. Larry Bethune
review the toasts for the event


Bro. Senior Deacon Hiram Abiff and
Bro. Junior Warden Bernie G.
are finely dressed for the Feast

Bro. Bethune and Duty Piper Bro. Tom Childs
discuss the event's musical program


Bro. Bernie G. and Bro. Manfra plan their escape

Bro. David Wingate from Ohio and the
G-G-G-G-Grandson of 8th Earl of Dalhousie
and the G-G-G Grand Nephew of the 11th Earl
presents the Lodge with replicas of several of the Earls'
documents and medals (etc.)


The "Ladies from Hell"

Mayor David Cohen is greeted by the officers before
he makes his welcoming remarks to the gathered

The Royal Couple
Bernie G. & Julia B.


A Toast to departed Dalhousie Brother
Most Worshipful J. Philip Berquist.
(L-R) Bro. Bernie G., Bro. Bethune & his wife Cynthia


The famous
Address to a Haggis
by Bro. Robert Burns
Poet of Scotland